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If you’re like us and have been wondering where Obama Girl has been, wonder no more. Patrick Gavin has you covered.

For Amber Lee Ettinger, the 29-year-old New Yorker who rose to fame as the Obama Girl in 2008 when her YouTube videos supporting Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign became viral sensations, it’s been a soul-searching time these past few years. After Obama won in 2008, the question for Ettinger was whether to bring back in 2012 a character that had earned her notable fame four years ago, or whether she was better off pursuing her true interests in fashion and entertainment (Ettinger has since moved to California).

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Washington, D.C. loves nothing more than a good list. Good news for us, GQ magazine just released their 50 Most Powerful People in Washington, and the bickering about the list has already begun. [WaPo]

Is Eric Cantor really the most powerful person in Washington? Do a couple of party planners and weathercasters really outrank the president of the United States? [see note below]

Well, if you’re going to get all work up over GQ’s new “50 Most Powerful People in Washington” list, you clearly have no appreciation for the art of the magazine listicle. When Rolling Stone compiles its “best songs of all times,” of course some of the picks will be controversial or demonstrably incorrect — otherwise you wouldn’t care enough to buy it.

Note: GQ does clarify that their list does not include the President and VP, but what about Doris the Longworth cashier?

The Top 25 Includes:

  1. Eric Cantor
  2. Mitch McConnell
  3. David Plouffe
  4. Leon Panetta
  5. Hillary Clinton
  6. Ben Bernanke
  7. David Petraeus
  8. Kevin McCarthy
  9. Pete Rouse
  10. U.S. Chamber’s Tom Donohue
  11. Tim Geithner
  12. John Boehner
  13. Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Steven Law (American Crossroads)
  14. Tommy Boggs, chairman, Patton Boggs
  15. Dan Pfeiffer
  16. Gene Sperling and Jack Lew
  17. Chuck Schumer
  18. Grover Norquist
  19. Chuck Todd
  20. Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser and speechwriter, and brother David Rhodes, president of CBS News
  21. Paul Ryan
  22. Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough
  23. Heather and Tony Podesta
  24. Chris Van Hollen
  25. Paul Clement, partner, Bancroft

Noteworthy: Joe Pounder [@PounderFile] is #28.

See GQ’s entire list.

h/t Mike Allen