Sandy K. Johnson is the new president of the National Press Foundation in Washington. She lives in Alexandria, where she loves the history vibe. In her off time, she can be found gardening or hiking the Shenandoah Valley and Civil War battlefields. FamousDC caught up with her to ask about the foundation’s mission and presence.

Louisa Imperiale is a DC mom and start-up founder. Her mission? To make you look better. Her app, Photox, connects you with real retouching professionals to make you the best you. No need for amateur Photoshop skills or hardcore gym workouts! Learn more about Louisa and why she created this gorgeous app.


Meet Michael Beckerman. He’s the President & CEO of the Internet Association, representing America’s leading Internet companies and their global community of users. He caught up with us today to let us know more about the Internet Association’s First Annual Congressional Internet Freedom Award. This is important if, for example, you’d like House of Cards to continue streaming at a high quality, or if you want to show off your collection of animal gifs in an email to your mom. Read on here.

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Meet Joseph Kopser. Joseph is the CEO and co-founder of RideScout, a mobile application that helps users navigate cities more efficiently. After launching in Washington, DC in November 2013, RideScout is beginning to expand to other U.S. cities and has plans to make a big splash this spring. Joseph made some time to chat with FamousDC on how he plans on changing the way people travel.

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Chris Bukowski is a former contestant on the Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad 3. After moving to the DC area from NYC, he opened up the bar Bracket Room in Clarendon. We caught up with him about his time on TV, his female-friendly sports bar, life in DC and what he learned from being a contestant.