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#NATIONAL Our hearts go out to Missouri; Limp Bizkit + Seinfeld; RIP Spock; that box on your desk with numbers is a phone, try it out sometime;  It’s worth watching the Sesame Street House of Cards parody to see how they try to squeeze in educational programming; Frank Underwood sounds like a Southerner born before World War II h/t Nate Politi; #inhoffessnowball; If you’ve ever jogged in ski goggles, you’re trying too hard; Frozen waves are cool; Gonzaga basketball is so hot right now; Rick Perry is crushing on Targeted Victory; Llama chase set to yakety sax is the best thing ever;

#DISTRICT This kid wins at life; We agree with Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton; Stanton & Greene now stands where the Pour House was; We’re definitely watching late-night C-SPAN from now on; dudes in DC spend an average of $177 on the first date; ::kissy noises:: of COURSE Clarendon has ebola; the President went on Story Corps today; CPAC after parties are the new L2; The Mari Vanna party was fun; Who’s going to the Nigel Barker book signing?;

#THEDRESS “There hasn’t been this much discussion about a blue dress since the 90s.” – A Famous tipster;  If the dress debate has you fired up, you might be spending too much time on social media; WHAT COLOR IS THE DRESS?: Catherine Gatewood – “Black and blue! I’ve never been told I have good eyes though considering my prescription’s negative 8 … so what do I know?”; Louisa Imperiale – “Desperate and Ugly”; Cloture Club – “I only see Red, White and Blue.”; Erica Elliott – “White and gold! Obviously!”

#FAMOUSFORDC Thanks to Nika Nour for getting that net neutrality thing done for us; Steven Johnston and Spencer Pratt are friends on Twitter; Did you see what was in the Ways & Means time capsule?; Richard Eddings needs to start sending us tips again; Gwen Smart got her passport; Chris Perkins loves the snow; Will Lira bring a BBQ school to DC?; Allie Barth and AGA Team threw an amazing open house party on Wednesday night; Good luck to JoJo Odom, Aaron Latham, Chad Latta, Tanner Latham, and the Piedmont Bulldogs in the Alabama 3A State Basketball Championship today; Give Wells Eilenberg a high-five when you see him; We miss Matt Dornic; FACTS: Marijuana is legal in DC and Donte Stallworth’s boss is Ryan Grim;

#CONGRATS Tell Matt and Lindsey Coursen congratulations: welcome to the world Bryce Coursen! #WorldSeries; Tell Shira Center congratulations on her new found love of snow; Tell Adam Croglia congratulations on joining Story Partners; AshLee Strong is taking her talents to Wisconsin; Tell Daniel Lippman congratulations on his first year at Politico;

#HAPPY Birthday to Laura Nedd; We know Hollis Gurley had a great birthday, let’s all play her favorite game; Tell Joel Snead happy birthday; Ellen wants to wish Jill Chappell happy birthday; Andrew Fimka and Mat Pierson are celebrating birthdays this weekend; The famous Robbie Aiken celebrated a birthday with a Playbook shout-out; Stacey Johnson celebrated a birthday;

#BYE  38°F feels pretty balmy at this point so maybe we’ll see you outside this weekend.


Photo sent to us by Cat Gatewood 

Once upon a time in D.C., a restaurant named Mari Vanna brought the Russian fairytale of a mythical woman welcoming diners into her home to real life in 2013. Two years later, the enchantment lives on.

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Bad. Ass.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s political operation has lured one of the top Republican communicators in the Senate away from the chamber.

Walker’s bringing on AshLee Strong, the spokeswoman for the Senate Republican Conference, as national press secretary to be based in Madison, a Walker aide confirmed to CQ Roll Call. She has worked for Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., for more than four years, most recently as senior communications director and chief spokesperson, and is departing the Senate after the Republicans regained the majority.

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According to a new survey by date-auction site WhatsYourPrice.com, single men in Washington, D.C. spend $177 on a first date.That comes in at #5 on the list!

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Sure, it may not have a basement themed like a German beer hall, but it’s a beautiful bar we can’t wait to try.

The motif is practically timeless, the floor covered with miniature mosaic tiles, the walls paved with New York City subway tiles. The lights were chosen in tribute to early 20th century Pullman cars, and the draft beer tower, with its cap reminiscent of an Art Deco cocktail shaker, came from Germany. “We really wanted to make it look pre-war,” Paro says.

The soft, deep banquettes are mirrored in the cozy bar stools. Overhead, the pattern of the pressed tin ceiling, painted white, was inspired by sections of ceiling discovered during renovation. “Thankfully, they still make the same pattern,” Paro says.

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Stanton & Greene

Photo Credit: Fritz Hahn / The Washington Post

Gary Adornato, founder of Varsity Sports Network in Baltimore gave me my first shot. I call it my “big break” because it was in the spring of 2008, I’d just graduated from college, and the job market was so wildly saturated that few new grads were getting jobs–the least of which, in media.

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