#NATIONAL #ThanksMichelleObama; Interstellar led to a real scientific discovery; we’re not #SayingThanks, Facebook; the Onion writers are increasingly brilliant characterizing Joe Biden; we will call anyone Ebola Nurse if we want to because this is America; Uber this week; more celebrities reading mean Tweets; Russia is creepin on your webcam; Amazon planning to take over every facet of your life; Vogue has rats; 80 million bacteria microbes are what’s in his kiss; Comcast may start charging for how much data you use; goodbye familiar wines;

#DISTRICT OK, who stole the popcorn truck?; Go go Capitol Christmas Tree; It will be 73 on Monday; How awesome would this be?; a map you will need to reference this weekend; Metro escalators have to be cursed; don’t even look at how many people will take to VA roads for Thanksgiving travel this year; when did the latest bus from crazytown come in?; Mt. Vernon is a child-free paradise; DC’s reporters will be turned away from meeting William and Kate if they’re too frumpy; Zoolights by the numbers; the epitome of DC’s coolness is … Georgetown;

#INSIDER Every energy lobbyist in town just updated Jason Knox’s new contact information; Rachel Racusen loves Saturday Night Live. Loves it.; High five for Chris Hughes, Guy Vidra and Bob Brennan congratulations on the 100 year anniversary of The New Republic;  Ask Kenny Day how long Bill Clinton can talk without looking at his notes;  Tell Carrie Blewitt on her new gig with Story Partners;  POLITICO’s Jack Smith = full-time connector, part-time realtor;  We all miss Arthur Bochner’s’ additions to the Friday Round Up;  Bettina Inclan and Izzy Ortega rock; Steve Stombres, Kyle Nevins and John O’Neill are hang a shingle; Paul Singer can pitch and draw on whiteboards; Congrats to Abby Matousek on her amazing Cherry Blossom 10 Miler shirt design!; We can’t wait to hear the big ideas going around at tonight’s women in entrepreneurship discussion; Do you have your tickets to the National Press Foundation’s dinner on February 18?;

#HAPPY Birthday week to Rick Klein, Jacob Wood, Chris Gindlesperger, Bridget Nutt Huffman, Colby Taylor Nelson (whose dad is definitely Joe Biden), Joe Brady and Taylor Gilliam;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: POLITICO has hired Bill Duryea and Michael Kruse of the Tampa Bay Times. In addition to investing in some snow boots and parkas, Buryea will spearhead the media company’s new enterprise project and Kruse will serve as senior writer focusing on enterprise going into the 2016 election cycle. At the Washington Post, Chelsea Janes has been assigned to the Nats beat. Story Partners brings on communications vet Carrie Blewitt as Senior Vice President of the strategic public affairs firm.

#BYE Pour a drink and we’ll be right over.

You probably know Internet Association Government Affairs Director and job lobbyist extraordinaire Tom Manatos because his name probably pops up daily among your emails.

Now you get to see him in a different light: written up in the Washington Post Style Section this week.

“My public service bug gets filled by this. I love it,” Manatos said about helping guide people through the churn. Already, he says, he has talked with more than 20 people about finding new jobs. “I love the networking, the chess pieces moving. A lot of it is lobbying for jobs, and I love lobbying, I love it.”

Tom Manatos, presumably scrolling through his own job list. Photo credit – J.M. Eddins Jr. for The Washington Post

You go, Manatos.


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Can the Caps be fixed enough to consistently [play good hockey?]

People got stuck in snow on a NY highway [nightmare commute]

Goodbye Arlington [streetcar proposal]

A rockstar wants to bury human DNA on the moon [but why?]

So, what the hell is going on in space? [satellite killers]

Photo by Robb Hohmann, submitted to the FamousDC Flickr photo group

Disappointing, especially since I wanted to like this film. Starring the founder of the “No shirt, no problem” campaign Matthew McConaughey and the universally beloved actress Anne Hathaway, Interstellar leaves the audience saying, “Well, I guess even Christopher Nolan can’t win them all.” The middle 1 hour 45 minutes is a damn good piece of cinema: spectacular, exciting, strong twists, good pacing, and it’s just plain gorgeous. But the first and last 30 minutes will leave you cold and full of questions, like:

—If a movie is named Interstellar, then why the hell am I spending more time in the American dirt than a Georgia peanut farmer?

—Why does the plot’s conclusion feel so lazy? Like “drunk at noon” lazy?

—Wait, so this ISN’T the “I’m a singing French prostitute” Anne Hathaway movie?! Well shit.

Running a mind bending 2 hours and 45 minutes, Interstellar is far more SciFi than its trailer suggests. Now I’m nerdy as hell, so I was fine with it. But the SciFi nature of it will turn off a majority of general audiences.

If you like SciFi, see it on the biggest screen you can find. It’s worth it. If not, don’t see it at all. Wait for it on Netflix.

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#NATIONAL We’re as ready for this weekend as Jack Black was ready to rip shots at Tune Inn; It’s never too early to research how to fry a turkey; 2026 World Cup being hosted somewhere hotter than Qatar; climate change = more lightning; nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got somethin’ to say but nothin’ comes out when they move their lips just a bunch of gibberish and these mfers act like they forgot about nuclear weapons; babes in Toyland ≠ tigers in Disneyland; what it feels like to Tweet for an asteroid lander;

#DISTRICT Will Keystone pipeline be built before the Redskins have a winning season?; Secret Service likes to chat; Top secret Mook Mafia meeting tonight at Capitol Lounge; Tell Aaron Cutler congratulations on his new gig with Hogan Lovells; Chris Frates is crushing it on the tee-vee; We will never complain about how hot DC summers are again; Ask Clinton Yates what he thinks about the Wizards potential new practice facility; piece of cake; these times and the Smithsonian, they are a changing; CVC workers strike; better fence jumping reaction times here; it’s a thousand bucks to propose at Nat’l Harbor ICE; the Passenger is moving; good news for your future recess beards;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: Lots going on over at CNN: The news network’s Digital Politics team added Maeve Reston, who will be warmest member of the team as she will be based in Los Angeles covering the intersection of Hollywood and politics, and Rebekah Metzler, who joins as the Breaking News Editor. Andrew Morse joins as GM and Meredith Artley was promoted to Editor-in-Chief and Alex Wellen was promoted to Chief Product Officer. On the cable side, CNN veteran Laura Bernardini was promoted to Director of News Coverage. Joel Waldman joins Fox News Edge’s as its Washington Correspondent. The Washington Post’s Greg Jaffe and Steven Mufson move to the White House beat and Herman Wong joins the paper on the social media team. Jonathan Salant is the Newark Star-Ledger’s new Washington Correspondent. Congrats to Fishbowl DC’s new co-editors, Brianna Ehley and Damon Marx.

#BYE Wheels up – your weekend has started.

#NATIONAL Japan beats Scotland for best whiskey title; Facebook wants to help fight ebola; Grover Norquist is the “winner” this year; the Berlin Wall, made out of balloons; don’t take daylight for granted; where you can’t shop on Thanksgiving day; how to fix Congress; another Toy Story? okay; definition of a bad day – you contract ebola and your engagement ring is destroyed;

#DISTRICT Give kids coats this winter (and drink) with the Hillvets Pub Crawl; Two Metrobuses crash into each other; Maryland principal punches kid in the face; LivingSocial is still not doing great; the Foo Fighters are coming here and this time you can buy tickets online; here are some realistic tips on how to host Friendsgiving; here are gritty social rules about Friendsgiving; Crazy old Willie Nelson; we could be the next big crowdfunding spot; Dave Catanese is good at karaoke; this Feasting Famously column with the brains behind Exposed Brick DC will make you crave food AND a new apartment; more about Maryland oysters;

#MEDIAMOVES by @StoryPartners: Over at the Washington Post, Stephen P. Gibson was named CFO and VP of finance and administration, Beth Diaz was named VP of audience development and analytics and Kristine Coratti was named VP of communications. Washington Examiner hired Eddie Scarry to start the Media Desk with T. Becket Adams, and also hired Sarah Westwood and Ethan Barton as investigative reporters and Claire Daniel as a social media strategist. WTTG FOX 5 hired Marina Marraco as a reporter and Patrick Paolini was named VP and GM and Paul McGonagle was named VP and news director. WSJ’s Peggy Noonan officially joins CBS News as a contributor. The one-and-only Nick Massella is leaving Fishbowl DC for PBS NewsHour as director of audience engagement and communications. A very Happy Birthweek to CBS’s “Face the Nation” and NBC’s “Meet the Press,” which turn 60 and 67, respectively.

#BYE Get to a whiskey bar with a fireplace, stat.