#FAMOUSDCHAPPYHOUR You waited. We delivered. It’s a FamousDC Happy Hour! Celebrate 100 Years of The New Republic and get to the Final Push to November Happy Hour next Thursday.

#NATIONAL First person on the planet to buy an iPhone in stores drops it on the sidewalk, on live TV; The NFL dissed Rhianna; will Boston beat DC for the Olympic bid?; Esquire wrote the new rules of 21st century style; China takes this joke seriously; who knew – Whole Foods is struggling; Do not watch after eating – giant squid dissection; don’t buy your legal weed Friday at 5PM; there’s 96 days until Christmas and the retailers of America want you to know it; no more Clearchannel; if you’re visiting San Fran, don’t go in these buildings; this guy loves his dog; American spaceflight is back; what happened to Twitter?; throw everything out; Japan has a real superhero; great balls of Russian fire; the Patriots’ Tom Brady found his old resume; Scotland says . . . NO – turns out the pre-polling was bad; Facebook is pissing at least one group off with its real name policy; your grandma = Grandmaster Flash; Goodbye net neutrality?; Did you celebrate Constitution Day with rap?;

#DISTRICT “Nothing good happens after 10PM”; You probably already know the Senate has some weird rules; we’re rude and speedy; Here’s Jake Tapper‘s morning; Nikki Schwab reminded us of the old Capitol Cats video; POV open again; the US Patent office is shocked, shocked their employees commit telework fraud; #BeltwaySeries; why does anyone go to the Hard Rock Cafe in DC?; UFOs in the District; goodbye, current Potomac riverbanks; are you in the newest Capitol Hill rat race?; if you want to make your workplace a literal rat race; Twitter getting into the 2014 campaigns and elections gig; stay classy, Braves; photos on the House floor!?!; Sen. Barbara Boxer has the cutest pet on the Hill; seamstress left the country and locked brides’ dresses in her DC area apartment; brand-new Rosslyn elevators trap commuters; New York Ave is about to get huge; good advice from Cathy McMorris Rodgers; sneaky Star Wars reference in this bill; National Harbor MGM full speed ahead; Spike Mendelsohn is un-ball-ievable;

#BIRTHDAY  Famous birthday week wishes to Morgan Gress, Georgette Spanjich, Reid Porter, Scott MacFarlane, Margaret Burge, Max Gigle, and Sienna Girgenti; Emily Mueller got the cutest happy birthday wish ever;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: Get ready… lots of moving and shaking in our nation’s capital this week…NBC News promoted Frank Thorp to Senate producer and off-air reporter, Kristin Donnelly to the White House producing team, Alex Moe to House of Representatives producer andAbigail Williams to the State Department beat. Big news over at POLITICO: Susan Glasser has been named editor. POLITICO also promoted Miki King to EVP of operations and Danielle Jones to EVP of expansion and named Bobby Moran VP of business development and Dari Gessner managing editor. CQ Roll Call announced the following promotions: Megan Sowder-Staley to VP for product strategy, Connor O’Brien to defense policy reporter, Jamisha Ford to CQ Now special products editor,Hannah Hess to the leadership team, Noella Kertes to editor of BillTrack, Elham Khatami to editor of CQ Schedules and the Roll Call Daybook, Charlene Carter to deputy editor for CQ Now, and Clayton Hanson to assistant managing editor of Legislative Information. CQ Roll Call also hired Todd Ruger as legal affairs writer,Rachel Oswald as defense reporter, Gillian Roberts as a breaking news editor,Jennifer Koons as deputy policy editor, Bridget Bowman as campus reporter, Chris Williams as a multimedia and online developer, and Daniel Bloom as an energy analyst for the CQ legal and regulatory team. The New Republic named its first CEO, Guy Vidra. Ashley Codianni moves from Mashable over to CNN as senior producer and digital correspondent for Politics Digital. Michelle Fields joins FOX News as a paid contributor. National Journal’s Marin Cogan moves to New York magazine as a contributing editor. Nia-Malika Henderson joins Washington Post’s “The Fix.” Dana Liebelson joins Huffington Post to cover tech policy and politics. Congrats on all of the promotions and new gigs!

 #BYE Have a good weekend, see you in the marinara sauce dunk tank.

On Thursday night, the Animal Health Institute (AHI) announced the winners of the Cutest Pets Contest at its annual Celebrity Pet Night on Capitol Hill, which celebrates the bond between people and their pets. It was a lively event – complete with barks – and included appearances by celebrity pets; the adorable dog named Marti who portrays “Sandy” in the urban remake of “Annie” and Orion the cat, who plays “Buttercup” in the “Hunger Games” series.

The night began with the unveiling of the Cutest Pets winners in the Dog, Cat and Exotic pets categories. Every year, members of Congress and their staff submit photos of their pets and winners are picked by the set of judges which often include popular DC bloggers and journalists.

This year, the winners came from Senator Boxer’s office (Dog), Representative Mike Honda’s office (Cat) and a rabbit (Exotic) from Senator Warren’s office. If you doubt their cuteness, see the pics below for proof or check out this link that has ALL of the nominated pets.

The panel of celebrity judges included NBC Washington’s Angie Goff, The Hill’s Judy Kurtz, POLITICO’s Helena Bottemiller Evich, FishbowlDC’s Nick Massella and WJLA/WTOP’s Dr. Katy Nelson. The judges narrowed down the competitive field of hundreds of furry, feathered and fuzzy entries to the top five cutest pets in each category. Then, in the spirit of true democracy, the voting public determined the overall winners through online voting via Facebook.

U.S. Representative Jeff Denham, – whose dog “Lily” was a 2013 Cutest Pets Contest winner – unveiled this year’s winners.

AHI’s President, Alex Mathews, provided opening remarks to kick off the night’s festivities.

“The Cutest Pet’s Contest is held in conjunction with AHI’s Pet Night, a longstanding favorite event on the Hill where we celebrate the bond between people and their pets. The availability of medicines to keep animals healthy plays an important role in promoting the human- animal bond. Increased awareness about the relationship between human and animal health helps to prevent disease transmission and helps protect public health,” said Mathews.

Famously spotted in the crowd:
Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR), Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV), Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY), Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), AHI’s Alex Mathews, Ron Phillips, Rich Carnevale, Brigid Zeller, Annie Drinkard, Story Partners: Amos Snead, Trudi Boyd, Jen Voss, Elyse Petroni, Lauren Culbertson, CQ-Roll Call’s Tom Williams, Edith Zimmerman


Today is Constitution Day, so why not celebrate by … enjoying a constitutional rap.

ThanksUSA, a non-profit that provides scholarships to the children and spouses of active duty military personnel, is currently sponsoring a music video contest.

In honor of Constitution Day on September 17, 2014, we challenge teachers and students across the country to get involved by creating their own music videos about the Bill of Rights and the freedoms it provides to all Americans.

The co-founders of ThanksUSA, teenaged sisters Rachel and Kelsi Okun of McLean, VA., recently co-wrote and performed an educational music video called “Con Rap” – rapping the Bill of Rights, literally.

h/t ThanksUSA

Ladies & Gentlemen, Un-ball-ieveable breaking news! It appears we may have a Battle of the Balls on our hands….

Members of the Montana State Society are going ballistic. They claim local baller Spike Mendelsohn a.k.a the Ballburglar, as they have now dubbed him, is attempting to hijack their signature event “The DC Testy Fest” by hosting his own DC Festicle.

Jayne Leffinwell, President of the Montana State Society says, “While a testivus for the rest of us sounds fun, stealing our original sack lunch is not “Good Stuff” .”

The Montana State Society has hosted the DC Testy Fest for the last 10 years. With more than 750 + attendees going nuts and consuming nearly 200lbs of testicles this year, they consider themselves the reigning rocky mountain oyster aficionados.

Leffingwell adds, “Anyone that would host a testicle cook off with out a representative from the Rocky Mountains must insecure of his performance.”

#NATIONAL Never forget; don’t take your vitamins; A public apology that was actually terrible; male birth control is coming; these fashion models never need to eat; Ricky Gervais already got the new Apple Watch; Ducktales with real ducks; all your favorite movies recreated with stock footage; Schwarzenegger painted over Maria; absinthe-flavored writing; we’re all a little disappointed the President isn’t Beyoncè; literally Hitler; this kid is taking the joke too far; people are really interested in neverending pasta; Yelp reviews are not so reliable anymore; Pete Rose is bitter; Canadian senators are terrified of this woman; Soldiers + jetpacks = the future; the death of adulthood; the Sarah Palin brawl; Olive Garden taken down by an investor’s 300-slide presentation;

#DISTRICT Can all of Congress conduct its business on a remote island?; Rent the Runway – in Georgetown; Metrofail; people in charge of public transit should be required to ride it; the President recently had a hell of a time finding a place to play golf; Arlington = Soulless; the doughnuts just keep coming; do you have a little of the star spangled banner in your attic? Well, Maryland has the lyrics on their uniforms now; H Street is not getting this gym, no siree; WHVC now reopening; bartenders are getting really creative describing drinks; WMATA truck has problems; Anacostia bridge art; Columbia Heights tenants fighting against rent increase; newest DC football name casualty: Esty; Metro still has some bad cars on the rails; new “secret” DC dinner club; “For visual comfort you may want to wear sunglasses during the day”; thanks, Pikachu; we’re getting closer: sign the Sharknado petition; piano bars are a lie; yoga brain; DC is the wild west of traffic ticket enforcement;

#CONGRATS  Today is Rep. Steve Womack (AR-03)’s LD, Chris Huffaker’s last day with the Congressman – he’s leaving for Alston & Bird;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: Familiar faces in new places this week as @BennyJohnson joins National Review, Hugo Gurdon was named editorial director at @dcexaminer and former @WhiteHouse press secretary @JayCarney popped up on @CNN this week where he made his first appearance as commentator.  The HR department at @Politico must be busy with several notable comings and goings … @PoliticoPro brought on seven new hires including @TimothyNoah1 who will launch the Pro Labor and Employment vertical, the 14th for the media company. Meanwhile, @rickberke departs after less a year as executive editor and several other staffers jumped to CNN’s digital team lead by former Politico-staffer Rachel Smolkin.  Sasha Issenberg is the latest addition to @bpolitics, while TIME magazine announced three new hires this week and @StoryPartners welcomed two new faces to its growing staff.

#BYE Enjoy this be-a-utiful weather this weekend.

Photographer Navin Sarma submitted this photo of gorgeous evening light on the Capitol, saying almost in a whisper (if emails could communicate whispers), “Fall is coming.”

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