The Capella Hotel in Georgetown is hosting the last leg of its golden Easter Egg Hunt this week. And this isn’t some kids-in-the-grass type of Easter egg hunt. This the real deal– read about the winnings below.

Tomorrow, Thursday through this Easter Sunday they will hide four golden eggs throughout the city to give away amazing experiences.

Read on for prizes and how to play.


  • Two Night Stay at Capella Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Two Tickets on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul
  • Special 5-course Dinner & Wine Pairing Prepared Exclusively by Chef Jakob Esko
  • One Night Stay in Capella Washington, D.C.’s Presidential Suite

Do you want to miss any of this? Neither do we.

How to Play:

“Capella Washington, D.C. will post a photo on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at 9:00 am this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday that will provide the public with a hint of the location of where the golden egg will be located. These golden eggs will also contain special instructions the hunters must fulfill before claiming the prize – once the instructions are fulfilled, the hunters can call the number provided in the eggs to claim their prize.”

The following are the social media channels, egg hunters must follow in order to obtain hints and clues (take a look on Facebook to see our previous winners):

We want to be mad about this. But somehow, we can’t be.

On the franchise’s Wikipedia page, owner has been changed to Atlanta Braves, a tongue-in-cheek nod to the fact that the Braves have won five of six games against the National League East rivals and 18 of the last 25.

More info at Fox Sports.

Walmart just can’t get anything right [checkout discrimination]

WaPo won Pulitzer prizes [two, count 'em]

A reminder that hey, [maybe you should call your mom]

What DC taxpayers say about DC [tax day stats]

But what do your taxes say about you? [2013 tax distribution]

It’s also [Jackie Robinson day]

Capital Bikeshare was really popular this weekend [cherry blossom bikes]

14th Street is getting a Salt & Sundry [hipsters intensify]

American Airlines [had an interesting day yesterday]

Paris Hilton is coming to DJ in DC [cool story bro]

Buy Google Glass [just do it]

Here’s some super cute animals to pick up this [dreary weather day]

Photo by Noe Todorovich

Jonathan Easley

Jonathan Easley

Congrats to Jonathan Easley on his new gig at Morning Consult as the new healthcare editor. Jonathan joins Morning Consult from The Hill where he covered healthcare since 2011. He has also reported for Roll Call and Salon. Before entering the world of journalism, Jonathan spent 10 years working in corporate finance.

Meghan McCarthy, who was Morning Consult’s healthcare editor, is now taking on the position of managing editor.

A bill shortly titled “Let Me Google That For You” is about to pass.

With h/t to our tipster.

S.2206 — Let Me Google That For You Act (Introduced in Senate – IS)




To streamline the collection and distribution of government information.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


 This Act may be cited as the `Let Me Google That For You Act’.