#THELIST Are you on our list? We’re pulling together happy hours in September and October on Capitol Hill.

#NATIONAL Yo, Russia – chill bro, you’re being totally harsh; 50 Cent vs. Floyd Mayweather update: point to Mayweather; is this the new imaginary girlfriend story of 2014?; Google’s cars can’t drive in snow, rain, or 99% of the country; more hockey more hockey; America is making Britain AWESOME; this is the first time we’ve ever said we’re glad we’re not in California right now; skyballs; the internet is here to fill up your time; we know how you feel, Archy; September is right around the corner, that means it’s time for pumpkin spice lattes but TWIST there’s no pumpkin in it; are there spiders in your gas tank?; the Emmys are taking us three years back in time; the latest in kids-who-are-smarter-than-you news; crowdfunding sucks and will fail; not only is Prince coming out with new music, he’s responsible for Outkast coming back; USA ranked, by beer; woah Katie Couric; Hello Kitty is (wait for it) NOT A CAT; sick British burn on America; Why are almost all of our best action stars eligible to receive AARP benefits?;

#DISTRICT “Oops” – the guys who painted new lines on I-66; the end of FedEx field; so long August, it’s been real; PUPS IN THE PARK; best DC conspiracy theories; watch out for this guy; who are these millennials and where do they work?; 5 weirdest DC burgers; here’s how bike thieves in DC operate; DC neighborhoods ranked by food and drink; meet Zora and Wilson; to clarify, DC taxi drivers really hate Uber; Frank Underwood will sing in DC;  DC bikers are thankful it’s not 1982; are cupcakes the best DC can do?; DC dive bar 101; is this DC inventor hero or douche? You decide; quit the reporting on kittens stuck in trees, Meet the Press; Get ready for the end of recess with coffee naps and this bucket list; #TBF is it November yet?;

#CONGRATS Tell Carly Rolfe congratulations on her new job with the Washington Nationals; Write like Ezra Dyer, boys and girls, and you can work here, too; Jonathan Martin on his A-game;

#BIRTHDAY Steve Dutton, Tom Wilbur, Angela B. Pan, and Marty Kady turned a year older; happy birthday to Aly Casey, even though she’s pissed Brad and Angelina’s wedding upstaged her day; celebrate with Jerry O’Donnell at Hammy’s tonight; Speaking of birthdays, be sure to tell Jennifer Strong and Alex Schriver happy birthday this weekend; also, Brian Johnson aka the Hungry Lobbyist will celebrate his golden birthday this Sunday at Doi Moi so tell him HBD too; and if you see Alex, give him a hug and tell him you’re sorry about Auburn’s upcoming football season.

#MEDIAMOVES @rebeccarnelson formerly of the @Washingtonian jumps to the @NationalJournal as staff correspondent, where she will cover political news of the day. Meanwhile, @jonward11 joins Yahoo! News as senior political coorespondent after 3.5 years at Huffington Post and the @washingtonpost announces a new vertical, “Get There,” focusing on making finances work (or work better) for individuals. On the Hill, Eric Cantor’s former press secretary @meganwhittemore finds a new home …just a bit further south, joining Georgia’s David Perdue team as Communications Director. And there were a few major media goodbyes this week, Diane Sawyer signs off as anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight after five years. She will be replaced by David Muir. Locally, WJLA’s Arch Campbell departs after nearly 40 years on Washington DC TV, at both WJLA and NBC4.

#BYE Enjoy the slow turn into the weekend #Emmys; we can’t decide whether or not to watch the Expendables 3 but, like many of you, we’ll be enjoying the last days of August on vacation.

“Expendable” is a perfect description of what the director must have thought of this script. Every sentence that doesn’t exit the mouth of Mel Gibson or Antonio Banderas is just like a drunk freshman at the bar: a god damn train wreck. However, if you 1) are ok with ear-melting dialog and 2) wanna see a tank-load of fistfights, gun play, and explosions, you might just find this film enjoyable. Sometimes you just need an old school, dumb as dirt action movie.

You have seen this movie’s trailers. The movie is exactly what you imagine it is like. Unfortunately, there are also no real surprises. Pity. Wait for it on Netflix and then watch only while having a boring Saturday afternoon.

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Did you get a Jayson Werth gnome? We did, too. And he’s gotten in to all kinds of trouble so far. We are here to present the adventures of Jayson Werth, Gnome, via Snapchat.

North by Northwest Werth


Waldo Werth

Frozen Werth

Rapunzel Werth

Princess Werth

Werthy the Bear


Elmo Werth

Married Werth

We’re not even sure Werth

Evil Queen Werth

Dr. Werth

It’s the last two weeks of recess. Have you checked everything off your recess bucket list?

Better start working if you haven’t…

  • Put off every conceivable task that you could until next week
  • Taken a three-hour lunch at Bullfeathers
  • Taken a much more harried three-hour lunch, off the hill (“sure, I can come downtown!”)
  • Locked the intern in the cage
  • Held a rolling chair race in the hallway
  • Grown your “recess facial hair”
  • Gotten a mani/pedi at Tammy’s
  • Been on a Capitol tour, for you, by you
  • Stared longingly at job posts
  • Played a poker game in the Member’s office
  • Toed the line of your office’s dress policy with an outfit that’s questionable even for recess
  • Wore flip flops to work
  • Bragged about wearing flip flops to work
  • Left at 3:30 on a Tuesday to go to the bar
  • Gotten in at 10 30 am on a Wednesday, hungover
  • Drawn straws to see who has to clean out the mini-fridge
  • Planned your upcoming vacation, which, let’s be honest, you won’t take until next August
  • Actually taken a vacation, leaving the most smug out of office notification possible
  • Repeatedly emailed staff on vacation to annoy them, despite their automated out of office emails
  • Perfected your paper airplane folding technique (you’ve moved on to paper cranes)
  • Ordered lunch beers
  • Ordered lunch margaritas
  • Ordered breakfast beers
  • Read in the office
  • Watched Netflix in the office
  • Attended at least two daytime Nats games
  • Tanned on a CHOB balcony
  • Unplugged your desk phone
  • Cleaned out that drawer wherein you find a four year old blackberry, jellybeans, half a bottle of something and someone’s number on a bar napkin
  • Eaten all the candy out of your co-worker’s candy dish (extra points for secretive snacking)
  • Brought your dog to the office
  • Tweeted at all your celebrity crushes
  • Attended a movie … by yourself … during the day
  • Cleaned up your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feeds (for real this time!)
  • Hooked up with the hot intern before they leave town
  • Finished the expense report for that’s severely overdue
  • Have a lunch sit down with everyone you know
  • Plot your fantasy football draft
  • Updated your resume
  • Made yourself sick of Twitter, Facebook and Google chat.
  • Spent a weekday afternoon at a rooftop pool
  • Ignored requests from your District Staff – it’s the 1 month they have the boss…they can figure it out
  • Complained at least twice daily about the Longworth Cafeteria being closed

This bucket list brought to you by our brilliant FamousDC writers.

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#HEY Are you on the list? Are your friends on the list? We’ve got happy hours coming in September.

#NATIONAL Monkey selfies; That app Secret? It’s not so secret; So true we’re not sure how this made it on the Onion; Three words: mug of bacon; the White House is giving up making its coders dress like adults; College football starts next week!; Pharrell’s giant Grammys hat is coming to the Newseum; Get yourselves ready, WINTER IS GOING TO BE DAMN COLD; Frank Underwood pranks Hillary Clinton; RIP James Foley;

#DCINSIDER Peter Cherukuri is spending the weekend in Arizona; David Plouffe didn’t send an Uber to pick up Lachlan Markay; Chad Scarborough is on to a great idea – see you in six months; Grover Norquist served “Fracking Fluid” at a party this week; Who is Michael Ramlet?; We wish Julia Williams a speedy recovery;

#BIRTHDAY Wish Bianca Prade and Ali McSherry happy birthday today; Wish Jack Barger a happy birthday week;

#DISTRICT Before Ferguson 2014, there was Mount Pleasant 1991; MAH: Pygmy Goat Found in NE DC near Costco; Calling all wonks: Test your DC knowledge with a census quiz; This is awesome: Chuck Brown Park vs. Other Musical Memorials; @Teddy26Nats got the #IceBucketChallenge. GO@Nationals!; This sunset over Nationals Park is A+; Can’t make this sh*t up: SIGN THIS SHARKNADO PETITON; Man named Stoner busted for pot in VA; Play hooky and visit the Corcoran for free!; Who complains the most about hangovers? You guessed it, DC; DC plans 850-sq-ft., $200K kinetic pocket park at Dupont Circle; Tomorrow is Bao Bao’s Birthday- she turns 1! God we love her; DC vs. Musicians; SHOCKING: It’s expensive to live and play here; how cute are these people with their paper Metro Farecard rug?;  Uber will go to the convenience store for you; Bon Appetit names Rose’s Luxury best new restaurant in America - Aaron Silverman is the best!;  DC’s man JOHN WALL takes on the GREAT WALL; Help find Georgia, the lost hound dog; The residents of ‪#DC apparently passed a trust test…lolokay;

#DCEATS New Chef at Clydes; Saveur EIC Resigns; Jose Andres takes on the #ALSChallenge; RareSweets opening at CityCenter; Crumbs Bake Shop is being pulled out of bankruptcy: expect a re-grand opening soon; Jaleo Bethesda, 2 words: Unlimited Paella; Kapnos’ George Pagonis competing on Top Chef; Restaurant from Chef and Owner of Mintwood Place coming to Shaw to be called Convivial; Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud brings his NYC eatery to Washington; Mellow Mushroom celebrates 40 years in Adams Morgan; Get your wallets ready, CityCenter set to add Salvatore Ferragamo and Hermes by the fall; Have you heard of KLINK DC? No? Do you even like to drink, bro?; We’re excited for #ATGFallClassic at Union Market, Sept. 13; DMV Food Truck Association launches its own awards; Who is enjoying DC Beer Week 2014?!; Fancy, huh? D.C.’s Most ‘Avant-Garde’ Speakeasies ; Good luck to those stumbling around Georgetown looking for Mr. Smith’s- it’s heading to K St (and you won’t find Chadwick’s after Aug 31 no matter how hard you try;

#CONGRATS Congrats to ‪@MatthewGagnon on his new job; Congratulations Pete and Burson Snyder; Kim Castro becomes U.S. News’ Executive Director of Consumer Advice; Tell Rachel Cothran congratulations on her new gig with the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID);

#BYE Looking forward to the ladies of DC breaking out these sweet moves; summer is ending- we’ll be outside all weekend.

This roundup was brought to you by the Editors, SP+KC and Catherine Gatewood.

Have $342,552? Want a kid? [D.C. is your place to be]

American History is about to get a little more [LGBT]

Pharrell’s hat (yes that one) is about to get a little more [Newseum]

Sign of the Virginia Whale [spotted in a river]

DC’s Pokémon world championships [in photos]

Uber will go corner store shopping for you [because you need to stay in your house]

Want beer from a brewery? But also want beer in pints? [you're covered]

Rose’s Luxury named best new restaurant by Bon Appetit [but don't go there this Wednesday]

Photo by Pablo Benavente


#NATIONAL ~shark week~; RIP Robin Williams, we will miss you; Newsflash: 23 million of Twitter’s ‘active users’ are bots;

#DISTRICT Jayson Werth drives. Fast.; Yes, the Pokémon World Championships is in DC this weekend; Mid-August that feels like Mid-October makes us feel some type of way; Anyone else overindulging in #RestaurantWeek?;  MOMOFUKU; One Direction takes on DC; Booze delivery service? We like the sound of that; TaKorean opens in Navy Yard; Alphonse Italian Market & Osteria opens on U Street and it looks DELICIOUS; The best museums in DC NOT on the Nat’l Mall; Beer, beer and more beer; “cheese share“; Via NYT: More DC residents were born in New York than Maryland; Chuck Brown (the “Godfather of Go-Go”) memorial park ribbon cutting slated for Aug. 22; Wow, we love this super moon photo over the Capitol; Dacha Beer Garden is about to get a little bigger; Sweat it out: Soul Cycle is now in the District;   Deep fried… duck tonguesPHOTOS: Peaceful rally for Ferguson at Meridian Hill;

#CONGRATS Senior producer alerts: Trish Turner –> “CBS This Morning” + Jill Jackson –> “Face the Nation”; Round 2 of FishbowlDC superlative winners announced; Congrats to Bloomberg’s Jeanne Cummings, the new deputy managing editor!; David Gregory out, Chuck Todd in at #MTP;

#BYE Mixology class? Don’t mind if we do; Enjoy the sun this weekend, y’all.