#NATIONAL Next time you’re too hungover to work, try these; speaking of which, your job could be worse; apparently not everyone at cigarette companies are smokers; McDonald’s can taste really good y’all; the best thing the internet has ever done; FSU is in town = hide the crab legs; “OK, I get it, you hate voicemails” – Your mother, leaving a voicemail; Dachshund’s Creek; “Keep your hands off my girl”; Real hoverboards are so close; Renee Zellweger reported missing; Honey Boo Boo problems;

#DISTRICT Good luck MCM runners this weekend!; Riding the metro with its most familiar voice; what happens when you order fancy cocktails at DC dive bars; Who else is seeing the Foo Fighters tonight?; New York Times backhand compliments DC’s dining scene; Cap Lounge pumpkin carvin’; when the world gets too crazy, shake it off; the Caps + dogs = Your 2015 calendar; Esquire goes deep with Members; Capital Weather Gang is very alarmed by the state of affairs at Weather.com; What does your zip code say about you (to marketers)?

#MEDIAMOVES Thanks to @StoryPartners: Another week, more big hires for @CNN. This time it’s @Yahoo’s Chris Moody, the Hill’s Alexandra Jaffe and the WaPo’s Jeff Simon joining the DC political unit. @Moody starts his new gig as a senior digital correspondent on 10/27, just in time for the mid-term elections. @ajjaffe will cover breaking news. Meanwhile, Mike Magner joins CQ Weekly as managing editor, @magnerNJ currently serves in the same role at National Journal. @TheHill adds its seventh vertical – this one devoted to cybersecurity and specifically within the technology, healthcare and defense industries and the @washingtonpost launches a national weekly edition highlighting the best national and international news of the week. The 24-page tabloid-style publication was rolled out with the Dallas Morning News this past weekend. Finally, Matt Harakal, communications director for Sen. Hatch, leaves Capitol Hill for the U.S. Chamber’s Global Intellectual Property Center.

#BYE It’s the freakin’ weekend, go on and have you some fun.

Story Partners, Washington’s leading strategic public affairs firm, hosted a group of industry influential and members of the media for an Election 2014 Pollster Preview at the home of Chairman Gloria Story Dittus. Guests heard from pollsters Amy Walter, Whit Ayres, and Michael Bloomfield about their election predictions and the political implications of the results. The discussion was moderated by Roll Call’s Editor-in-Chief Christina Bellantoni.


From left to right, Gloria Dittus (Story Partners), Whit Ayres (North Star Opinion Research), Amy Walter (Cook Political Report), Christina Bellantoni (Roll Call), and Michael Bloomfield (Mellman Group).

Famously Spotted

Steve Hartell of Amazon, Robert Zirkelbach of PhRMA, Katie Zirkelbach of WellPoint, Jeanne Mitchell of Exxon, Tom Altmeyer of Arch Coal, Mike House of Hogan Lovells, Andrew Kovalcin of the U.S. Chamber, Jeanne Wolak of Southern Company, Mary Lyman of NAPTP, Missy Edwards of Missy Edwards Strategies, Stephen Replogle of Cove Strategies, Tim Peckinpaugh of K&L Gates, Rob Saliterman of Google, Eric Wohlschlegel of API, Greg Staley of U.S. Travel, Lenwood Brooks of SIFMA, Carol Danko of SIFMA, Nancy Cordes of CBS News, Lauren French of POLITICO, Katie Hinman of CNN, Paul Kane of the Washington Post and Amos Snead, Andrew Fimka, Cameron Coursen, Gabrielle Beaumont, Lauren Culbertson, Patrick O’Connor, Grigsby Crawford and Olivia McDonald of Story Partners.


#NATIONAL A man, a fan; Joe Biden in aviators with cash; also Joe Biden and dogs that look like Joe Biden; they’re letting just anyone into the ol’ U.N. Security Council these days; do Texas healthcare workers just want to kill everyone? jeez; this healthcare worker definitely wants to kill everyone; where did this space shuttle go? The Air Force won’t say; Obama’s credit card declined – ouch; Russia declares war on an American icon – McDonald’s; one star reviews of national parks are amazing;

#DISTRICT Hammie is the Top Dog on the Hill; the 11th Street Bridge park looks cool; Earmarks and laws, a love story; we’re sure this taxicab protest went well; Close call with ebola, DC; goodbye CityZen; Washingtonian helps you fill in the blanks with what’s missing on WaPo’s Fall Dining guide; terrorism exercise happening this weekend; has Kelly Cohen seen this lionfish?; handguns are still happening; if you haven’t been on the Capitol scaffolding lately, here’s how it looks; Congrats Mattie Duppler!;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners; Congrats to Michael Crowley, who moves from TIME over to POLITICO to be senior foreign affairs correspondent. Ryan Teague Beckwith has been named a senior editor at TIME.  The American Conservative has a new national editor, Benjamin Schwarz. WaPo’s Carlos Lozada will be the publication’s nonfiction books editor. James MacGregor is Washington Business Journal’s new publisher.

#BYE Enjoy that beautiful fall y’all.

After five years at Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, Mattie Duppler is leaving her post as the Director of Budget and Regulatory Policy to move to the hill. She’ll be joining the House Republican Conference chaired by Cathy McMorris Rodgers as their Coalitions Director. In addition to crafting policy, Mattie was a regular the cable news circuit for ATR, appearing as a frequent commentator on MSNBC, Fox Business, Fox News Channel and CNN. She’ll be starting her new gig at the end of the month.

Sandy K. Johnson is the new president of the National Press Foundation in Washington. She lives in Alexandria, where she loves the history vibe. In her off time, she can be found gardening or hiking the Shenandoah Valley and Civil War battlefields. FamousDC caught up with her to ask about the foundation’s mission and presence.

#NATIONAL Your name can go to Mars; Google hired a camel for desert streetview; skip the jack-o-lantern, make a keg; you have a carefully engineered craving for bacon; yes, your dog heard and understood that; Whole Foods vs. Cracker Barrel – Senate elections edition; Is brunch for jerks? Discuss; Maureen Dowd should try a rookie cookie; RIP Saturday morning cartoons; Redbull owes you ten bucks; forget cruise control, we want autopilot on our cars but we’ll skip the pet lion; oy, Satya; BREAKING: Mark Zuckerberg wore a suit; feds trying to save butterflies; why Amazon must be stopped (it won’t be); places you can probably find Kim Jong Un; pink drill bits – not a euphemism; best birthday present ever; Blood Moon is a great name for a hippie metal band;

#DISTRICT Found fundraising email poetry; It’s beginning to look a lot like fall; The Capitol is ready for ebola; 13 secrets of D.C. you may or may not know about; Metro ridership declining; Jon Stewart could have hosted Meet the Press; how much it costs to rent apartments next to Metro stations; National Mall portrait as photographed from space; Washingtonian’s annual Congressional Best & Worst; Super awkward X2 bus driver vs. passenger fight; When will Brian Johnson bring us a Diplomate burger?; the Nationals can win anyone over; artisanal ice ain’t cheap folks; there’s some ISIS graffiti in DC; who else has been to the mysterious chiropractor-dentist in DC?;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: The @NationalJournal staff announces two new hires, @Foxreports jumps from @usnews to cover Congress, while @westonphippen makes the trek north, leaving the Tampa Bay Times to join NJ’s Next America team. @POLITICO continues to make moves, nabbing @TIME senior national correspondent @MikeGrunwald who joins the magazine as a senior staff writer and will serve as EIC of a new project – The Agenda – launching in early ’15. Meanwhile, longtime Boston Globe editor Peter Canellos has been named executive editor of the Rosslyn-based publication, starting in November.  Lisa Desjardins leaves @CNN for PBS Newshour, @LisaDNews will serve as a politics reporter and editor for the nightly news magazine and Vivian Schiller steps down as Twitter’s head of news, announcing her departure how else but through @Twitter? And the question on all our minds, who is the most delightful member of the @WhiteHouse press corps … @PressSec answers: http://bit.ly/1qwJJwc.

#HAPPY Happy birthday week to Faith Ammen, Bethany Biskey and Liz Delgado-Steo; happy birthday to Dena Battle; Congratulations Joe Brady & Jessie Cleveland!; Good luck Kenny Ames; Happy birthday Leo Bauza!;

#BYE Stay out of the rain – maybe watch this video.

Raise your hand if you’re reading this at the Nats game. Look around. Now go high five those other people raising their hands. They are awesome.

#THENATIONALS  Nats fans -Tag/tweet us your pics at @FamousDC / @Famous_DC! We’ll pick the best and give away an hour worth of a free open bar for you and a guest at our next Happy Hour. Make sure you’re on the list hereThe Nationals: Can’t stop won’t stop; Raise your hand if you’re reading this at Blue Jacket wearing a Nats cap; What a 3:07 playoff game means; If you can’t get Nats tickets at least you can drink;

#NATIONAL Almost no one wants to host the 2022 winter Olympics; “Whoops” – JP Morgan; Goodbye blackout rule; the haters’ guide to baseball playoffs; 16-year old male hospitalized after receiving thousands of high-fives; Amazing color photos of Russia before the Revolution; Ben Bernanke got turned down for mortgage refinance; we finally know how to use Wikipedia correctly thanks to this manual; What it would take to turn NYC into a megacity; the secret history of Mormon heavy metal; some new music for your fall; celebrities are suing Google for their leaked nudes so they deleted tens of thousands of pics; Floyd Mayweather argues with woman who doesn’t know who he is; Football player benches himself on his fantasy team h/t Brad Dayspring;

#DISTRICT That one time the President was afraid to use light switches in the White House; you can’t FOIA the Capitol Police; ball blessing for the Nationals; they found the missing DC bartender; what DC police body cameras look like; diversity drain on the Hill; “Isn’t it a bitch, that vice president thing?”; Ted Kennedy winning congressional pups contest; Targeted Victory got to open Nasdaq; Kelly Collis got dissed by a dead president; Congress is down to 7%; shocking – Jeff Bezos is pissing WaPo employees off; we’re definitely the snobbiest city of all;

#HAPPY Congrats to Frank and Molly Hollowell!; Happy birthday tomorrow to Ida Rosenthal; congratulations to the Prossers on bringing baby into the world (though we’ll always call her Buckels 2); Congratulations to the drafters of HR 9.26.14;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: Congrats to Ali Watkins, who joins Huffington Post as a political reporter following an all-star performance as an intern for McClatchy. Zach Goldfarb starts a new stint at The Washington Post as policy editor on the financial desk. Sandy Johnson was named the new president and COO of the National Press Foundation. Former White House aide and actor Kal Penn joins Fusion as a special correspondent where he will launch “Midterm Mayhem: The Ultimate Political Smackdown.” Jeff Simon moves from WaPo over to CNN Politics Digital. DC’s Mark Drapeau “Dr. D” literally moves to NYC to start a new gig at Sub Rosa. MasterCard makes a big hire: Nichole Francis joins the team as director of U.S. Federal Affairs.

#BYE Enjoy the weekend, rain and all, since we’re not that far off from a brutal winter.

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The Skinny (No Spoilers)

When I was in high school, my U.S. history professor said that the biggest mistake that teachers make is to not teach past World War II. Whether it is from spending too much time on the Civil War or on the outsized personalities of revolutionary presidents, most professors run out of time at the end of the year and are only able to get us to 1945. As a result, we have kids that know what happened at the constitutional convention, but don’t know about those events that still directly impact their contemporary worlds: What caused the first Gulf War? What is the Civil Right Acts? What the hell happened during the Vietnam War?

Last Days in Vietnam is a damn good documentary on the evacuation of the American embassy in Saigon in 1975. The famous picture of people scurrying to the roof to board a helicopter has been burned into a generation of American memories, rightly or wrongly, as a symbol of the wars futility (even though the roof shown is not actually that of the embassy). Directed by Rory Kennedy, who won an Emmy for the documentary Ghosts of Abu Ghraib, Last Days of Vietnam uses interviews from former embassy workers and soldiers, American and Vietnamese, to paint of rich narrative of those chaotic days. Running a quick 98 minutes, Last Days in Vietnam moves quick as a bunny, while still giving the viewer the necessary context. This is a must watch for those within Generation Y, since it is highly unlikely they have read, or heard, much about these April events.

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Nats fans -Tag/tweet us your pics at @FamousDC / @Famous_DC! We’ll pick the best and give away an hour worth of a free open bar for you and a guest at our next Happy Hour. Make sure you’re on the list here

Washington Nationals Screech

Photo by Keith Allison

1. Tons of OUT OF OFFICE start popping up around noon.

2. Lot of conference calls being dialed into from Blue Jacket DC.

3. White House news dump coming around 3 pm.

4. Tommy McFly hasn’t slept in five days.

5. The Presidents race will start with a Red Bull and end with a keg stand.

6. Dan Snyder is sitting in the corner of his office watching 2012 rookie year highlights of RG3 on YouTube.

7. The Bullpen will give Woodstock a run for its money starting about 1 pm.

8. No last minute “Hail Mary” emails from either the DCCC or NRCC for at least three hours.

9. The amount of beltway Instagramming on the first pitch will rival the Royal Wedding.

10. C-SPAN will run old clips from the 90s. Jeremy Art and Howard Mortman will focus attention elsewhere.