Today is Constitution Day, so why not celebrate by … enjoying a constitutional rap.

ThanksUSA, a non-profit that provides scholarships to the children and spouses of active duty military personnel, is currently sponsoring a music video contest.

In honor of Constitution Day on September 17, 2014, we challenge teachers and students across the country to get involved by creating their own music videos about the Bill of Rights and the freedoms it provides to all Americans.

The co-founders of ThanksUSA, teenaged sisters Rachel and Kelsi Okun of McLean, VA., recently co-wrote and performed an educational music video called “Con Rap” – rapping the Bill of Rights, literally.

h/t ThanksUSA

Ladies & Gentlemen, Un-ball-ieveable breaking news! It appears we may have a Battle of the Balls on our hands….

Members of the Montana State Society are going ballistic. They claim local baller Spike Mendelsohn a.k.a the Ballburglar, as they have now dubbed him, is attempting to hijack their signature event “The DC Testy Fest” by hosting his own DC Festicle.

Jayne Leffinwell, President of the Montana State Society says, “While a testivus for the rest of us sounds fun, stealing our original sack lunch is not “Good Stuff” .”

The Montana State Society has hosted the DC Testy Fest for the last 10 years. With more than 750 + attendees going nuts and consuming nearly 200lbs of testicles this year, they consider themselves the reigning rocky mountain oyster aficionados.

Leffingwell adds, “Anyone that would host a testicle cook off with out a representative from the Rocky Mountains must insecure of his performance.”

#NATIONAL Never forget; don’t take your vitamins; A public apology that was actually terrible; male birth control is coming; these fashion models never need to eat; Ricky Gervais already got the new Apple Watch; Ducktales with real ducks; all your favorite movies recreated with stock footage; Schwarzenegger painted over Maria; absinthe-flavored writing; we’re all a little disappointed the President isn’t Beyoncè; literally Hitler; this kid is taking the joke too far; people are really interested in neverending pasta; Yelp reviews are not so reliable anymore; Pete Rose is bitter; Canadian senators are terrified of this woman; Soldiers + jetpacks = the future; the death of adulthood; the Sarah Palin brawl; Olive Garden taken down by an investor’s 300-slide presentation;

#DISTRICT Can all of Congress conduct its business on a remote island?; Rent the Runway – in Georgetown; Metrofail; people in charge of public transit should be required to ride it; the President recently had a hell of a time finding a place to play golf; Arlington = Soulless; the doughnuts just keep coming; do you have a little of the star spangled banner in your attic? Well, Maryland has the lyrics on their uniforms now; H Street is not getting this gym, no siree; WHVC now reopening; bartenders are getting really creative describing drinks; WMATA truck has problems; Anacostia bridge art; Columbia Heights tenants fighting against rent increase; newest DC football name casualty: Esty; Metro still has some bad cars on the rails; new “secret” DC dinner club; “For visual comfort you may want to wear sunglasses during the day”; thanks, Pikachu; we’re getting closer: sign the Sharknado petition; piano bars are a lie; yoga brain; DC is the wild west of traffic ticket enforcement;

#CONGRATS  Today is Rep. Steve Womack (AR-03)’s LD, Chris Huffaker’s last day with the Congressman – he’s leaving for Alston & Bird;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners: Familiar faces in new places this week as @BennyJohnson joins National Review, Hugo Gurdon was named editorial director at @dcexaminer and former @WhiteHouse press secretary @JayCarney popped up on @CNN this week where he made his first appearance as commentator.  The HR department at @Politico must be busy with several notable comings and goings … @PoliticoPro brought on seven new hires including @TimothyNoah1 who will launch the Pro Labor and Employment vertical, the 14th for the media company. Meanwhile, @rickberke departs after less a year as executive editor and several other staffers jumped to CNN’s digital team lead by former Politico-staffer Rachel Smolkin.  Sasha Issenberg is the latest addition to @bpolitics, while TIME magazine announced three new hires this week and @StoryPartners welcomed two new faces to its growing staff.

#BYE Enjoy this be-a-utiful weather this weekend.

Photographer Navin Sarma submitted this photo of gorgeous evening light on the Capitol, saying almost in a whisper (if emails could communicate whispers), “Fall is coming.”

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This is a really on-point piece from Politico by Helena Bottemiller Evich.

Big deals over immigration reform or government spending may not be getting made on Capitol Hill, but political maneuvering can yield a free pack of Skittles for a staffer with a sugar craving. It just might cost a bag of Fritos.

Home-state snacks are a mainstay in congressional office lobbies, alongside district maps, hometown magazines and displays of local tchotchkes. Walk into Sen. Rand Paul’s office and you’ll find Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts and Nutri-Grain bars in a basket next to the Kentucky almanac. Down the hall, Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson serves peanuts and Coca-Cola. Head upstairs to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s office for Chobani yogurt.

But the treats not only give visiting constituents a taste of home, they also fuel black-market snack trading among House and Senate staffers.

So … does anyone have Coke to trade? M&M’s? Jellybellys? Anyone?

Read more at Politico here.

#NATIONAL Grover Norquist went to Burning Man; RIP Joan Rivers; How to read the New Yorker; this sheep settled the drone debate; lock down your iCloud- just kidding, everything’s probably stolen already; dollar store wars; PSL problems: Starbucks wants even more of your money; the new iPhone and the new…iWatch?; who is 4chan; ATM skimmers: this is not a drill; Uber vs. Lyft, the playbook; the perfect rooms in the Ikea catalog are computer generated (h/t Phillip Herndon); your calls may be intercepted by mysterious cell towers;

#DISTRICT House phones went down, staff assistants rejoiced; Nifty (Politico) 50; Your streets are shutting down; the DC Olympics website sports some … interesting… photography of DC;  Cantor makes bank; it’s really really really time to replace RFK; another move in Uber vs. Taxis; AU professor sets things on fire; Diner en Blanc was pretty neat;  DC women getting paid well; Japanese magnet train will take you to Baltimore in 15 minutes; DC United player visits sick kid and it’s awesome; DC alleyways; Watch out litterbugs, police are on patrol; Chris Brown D.C. saga comes to a close; Attention Chicago transplants: Mercadito is coming; (Chez) Billy brunch back; There goes Bezos, messing with the Post; Billy Collins went a little crazy at the National Book Festival; Capitol Hill staffer exit email: “hilarious”;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to @StoryPartners; Congrats to Fred Ryan who was named publisher and CEO of The Washington Post. Also at WaPo: Chuck Culpepper joins Post Sports to cover football, Chris Meighan joins as design director for the paper’s mobile initiative and Doris Truong will be the universal desk weekend editor. The Morning Consult adds two new faces: Marissa Evans joins as health editor and Davis Burroughs joins as editorial assistant. Jon Easley will move over to Morning Consult Tech when it launches later this month. Zach Wolf has been hired as managing editor of CNN’s digital politics operation and Emily Kuhn has been hired as a publicist. NBC News: John Reiss has been named acting executive producer at “Meet the Press.” Luke Russert and “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough will be making regular appearances on MTP.  Betsy Fischer Martin leaves NBC after 23 years at the network. Kasie Hunt has been named MSNBC’s political correspondent.  Jenni LeCompte leaves Treasury for The Glover Park Group, where she will serve as managing director. Nicolle Wallace and actress Rosie Perez join “The View.” Former NFL player Donte Stallworth joins HuffPo as a politics fellow covering national security. David Weigel moves from Slate over to Bloomberg Politics.  Alex Orfinger and Mike Olivieri, have both been named executive vice president of American City Business Journals. Julia Treanor joins the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity as senior director of communications. Over on the Hill, Lauren Claffey, Sen. Chambliss’ communications director, moves over to communications director at the House Homeland Security Committee. Virginia Dent with Sen. Fischer will replace Claffey. Sen. Heller’s communications director, Chandler Smith, departs the Hill for the American Hotel and Lodging Association, where she will serve as vice president of government affairs and communications. Breelyn S. Pete, current communications director for Rep. Hahn, joins the Economic Development Administration within the Commerce Department as director of public affairs. Moria Bagley Smith moves from the Senate side over the lower chamber to become the director of the House Whip operation.

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Mike Majchrowitz, White House correspondent for FOX News Radio, who passed away on Sunday.

#BYE Enjoy your last weekend of freedom and summer’s last attempt at being a real summer.